We’ve turned a corner today.


We have a turned a corner, and it feels like a major manoeuvre in the right direction.


Having finished the coast of Wales last week, after eight adventurous learning weeks, we turned after Chepstow and headed back inland. On our minds was van reconfiguration; sign-writing on the side of the van (to make it clear what we are and what our business is); dropping unneeded things off into storage; picking much-needed stuff up (art inspirational books, travel writing books, an old tablet, which will alleviate the dreadful library searching for re-charging a laptop by three-pin plug); putting unuseful things up for sale on Gumtree (hopefully gaining a much-needed little financial cushion); getting the glow-plug fixed; winterising the van a little; and visiting family (another much-needed thing), all of which will generally reinvigorate us for the next leg – the West Country.


In less than a week, back inland, at a place where we have 24-hour electricity plug-in, we have turned a corner in the van build. Where the kitchen/living space was once oblong, it is now square and we have room to dance. And where there once was a tall cupboard, it is now half the height, giving us elbow space comfort when sitting on the seat, and also providing a neat new book shelf for the books that we’ve discovered we need for this lifestyle (books have filled the space that TV left, and we feel all the better). We’ve primed the four exterior side panels of the van, the two rear ones, and the bonnet, with a view to sign-writing them over the next few days. Tomorrow we will build the new fixed ottoman, the benefits of which are threefold: a sofa (we’ve discovered we need the everyday comfort of simply sitting down), a step up to the fixed bed, and storage space.


Already, the excitement has returned.


Our own bespoke home on wheels is beginning to evolve into a shape that fits us better, after eight incredible learning weeks along the coast of Wales.