Art from the Van

Living and creating from the van while travelling the UK and beyond

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Available to Buy Now…Affordable Original Art

The Collectibles

I’m currently painting these small acrylics in an abstract and semi-abstract style. My ethos is to create Affordable Original Art. The Collectibles are painted on gesso-primed board and I’m now beginning to make my own wooden frames (from January 2019), which I stain and varnish, which means the complete art product is made by me. Collectors can be assured that each painting is a unique piece of art.

If you’re interested in purchasing anything you see here, please do email us on and we’ll swiftly get back to you. As there is no need for glass, they are nice and easy to send through the post.

There’ll be lots more on here, week to week, and I will be going larger in size. So do pop back in to see my new work!

Previously-sold Collectibles

Here’s the work that Andy has been selling to-date, in his acrylic abstract and semi-abstract format.

It’s all about me!

I’m Andy Nash. I was born in Wolverhampton in 1964 and spent my early years in the village of Essington, on the outskirts of Wolverhampton. Although interested in art and technical drawing from my school days, I never pursued it, and so left to do regular jobs. Over the years I taught myself art from books and videos.

The nagging desire to paint and follow my own path persisted and at age 51 I made the decision, along with my partner, to open a small working art studio – my first venture into creating art professionally. We ran our studio for three years in Ludlow, before embarking on a new adventure – living in, and creating art from, our self-converted campervan, while touring the UK.

Our Story

This year, we have been busy converting  our van into a camper, and we now live in it full time. We work from the van, while travelling around the UK. I create my art influenced by the sights, colours and shapes I encounter along the way. We then find markets, art fairs, spaces and places where we can meet up with like-minded people and sell our work, which is integral to us sustaining this journey.

I paint abstract and semi-abstract pieces on board in a variety of sizes. The thinking behind each work is that it captures the simplicity and transience of a moment in time.

We hope to see you somewhere along the road!

…and here’s the van

You can email us anytime on We’d be delighted to hear from you.